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Comcast unveils a new wireless service, Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile

It’s been nearly a year since Comcast said it would launch a mobile service in 2017. And sure enough, the company has officially unveiled just that.

Today Comcast announced Xfinity Mobile, which will launch soon. Comcast says that it will connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network and that there will be two rate plans for customers, both of which feature unlimited talk and text, no line access fees, and 100MB of shared LTE data. There’s an option for customers to pay per gigabyte at a price of $12/GB, for those who wish to only pay for what they feel they’ll use.

There’s also an unlimited data plan which covers up to five lines. It’s priced at $65 per month per line, but Comcast says that customers subscribed to its “best X1 packages” will be able to get the unlimited data plan for $45 per month per line. Comcast notes that it will start slowing network speeds after a customer has used 20GB of data per month.

Xfinity Mobile customers will be able to switch between the two plans without any extra charges piling up. So if you start out on the unlimited plan, but notice that you’re not using that much per month, you can switch to the other option.

Xfinity Mobile is also built around the ability for its devices to automatically connect to Comcast’s 16 million Wi-Fi hotspots while away from their own.

As far as devices go, Comcast will have the most recent iPhone models, including the iPhone SE, and the company says it will also offer “the best devices from Samsung and LG,” without going into any details.

So, any Comcast customers out there planning on switching to Xfinity Mobile when it launches?

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