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Facebook Messenger adds support for group payments

Facebook Messenger Group Payments

After adding the ability to send payments to other users, Facebook is now expanding on that feature.

Today Facebook announced that it is rolling out support for group payments within Facebook Messenger. To start, the feature will be available to users in the United States, and it will be supported on desktop and in the Android app. The feature makes it possible for users in a group chat to select a single person to send money to or request funds from, and also allows them to request money directly from the whole group or send funds to all of them.

It also makes it possible to set a total amount within the group chat, which will then be distributed equally between all the members in the group, indicating how much they need to pay towards the total amount. Users can specify what the money is being used for, like a gift for someone.

A message will appear in the group thread to show which of the members have paid, and the request details of any group payment can be accessed in full-screen as well.

The new feature is rolling out today for desktop and Android.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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