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Google Home may support multiple users soon


The Google Home smart speaker is designed to be a staple in the houses where it is installed, but for homes where there might be multiple people wanting to use it, the fact that Home is locked to one account might be an issue. That could change sooner rather than later, though.

As reported by Android Police, many Google Home users have found a new card in the Discovery tab of the Google Home app that very clearly says the smart speaker now supports multiple users.

Google Home multiple users

However, while the card says the feature is now supported, those same Google Home owners have discovered that is not quite the case just yet. So while it’s not known why the card is appearing in the Discovery tab right now, it does at least give a hint that multiple users support is on the way. We just have to wait a bit longer before it arrives.

If you own a Google Home, are you looking forward to the inclusion of multiple users support?

Source: Android Police

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