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Google Home now supports multiple users

Google Home multiple users

Earlier this month, a report suggested, that Google Home would soon support multiple users. At the time it was suggested Google had simply jumped the gun and launched the card early, but it was a pretty strong hint that Google Home was getting the oft-requested feature at some point in the coming weeks. And sure enough, that’s the case.

Google has announced that Google Home now supports multiple users. Specifically, Google Home can now support up to six different individuals, and the smart speaker will be able to distinguish one user’s voice from another so that the information provided will be tuned to the individual asking.

To set it up, you’ll need the newest version of the official Google Home app. Open it up, select the new card that says Home now supports multiple users, and then sign in with your specific Google account under “Link your account.” From there, you’ll set up Google Home by saying “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” so that the speaker can link your account to your voice.

Google says multiple user support will roll out to Google Home in the United States beginning today. For Home owners in the United Kingdom, the update will roll out “in the coming months.”

If you own a Google Home, is this one feature you’ve been anticipating?

Source: Google Blog

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