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Google Maps will now remember where you park


Google Maps is one of the best ways to navigate to where you want to go and discover great things to do when you get there. But remembering where you parked is on you. At least, it was.

Google Maps will now remember where you park your vehicle. You’ll have to put some work in to make it happen, though. On Android, users will have to park (obviously), and then tap the blue dot in the Google Maps app and pick “Save your parking.” Meanwhile, iOS users will need to select the “Set as parking location” after hitting that blue dot.

Android users get a few bonuses with this new feature. That includes being able to include a few more pieces of information to your parking spot, including how much time you have left on that parking meter. Android users will also be able to see an image of where they parked, and they’ll be able to send it (and the parking location itself) to their friends just in case they all need to meet up at the car at some point.

Meanwhile, iOS users will get automatic parking detection if their device is connected to their vehicle by Bluetooth or USB.

Parking information is a big bonus for Google Maps users. Are you happy to see its arrival?

Source: Google Blog

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