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Google offers to invest in LG for Pixel displays


Google has offered to invest one trillion Korean Won (KRW) in LG Display in an effort to ensure a steady supply of OLED displays for its next Pixel smartphones. The offer equates to $880.29 million USD. Such a deal would further signify a significant change in Google’s attitude towards creating its own smartphones. With the launch of the Pixel smartphones, Google took further control over its stock Android smartphones. By investing in LG Display, Google is showing that it’s in hardware for the long haul.

While the deal has yet to be confirmed by LG or Google, it would be surprising to see the offer fall through. Google’s investment offer is more than fair, and LG sees most of its profits from its Display unit, making it wise to form a secure partnership for future hardware. Google may also be pushing LG to create a wider supply of flexible displays, but that remains unclear.

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Via: ETNews

Source: Reuters

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