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Pandora Premium is now available to all


In March of this year, Pandora Premium officially launched, but with an invite system in place. Now, a little over a month later, Pandora has opened the gates and is allowing anyone to sign up for Premium.

All of the basics of Pandora Premium are the same from the initial launch: You get an on-demand streaming service for $9.99 per month, just like the competition.

With the premium version of Pandora, you get unlimited skips, the ability to listen to whatever song you want by searching, and offline playback. Pandora will rely on its Music Genome Project as well. Customers can start a new playlist with a single song, then tap on the “Add Similar Songs” button, which will allow the service to populate that playlist with up to seven new tracks, picked based on your listening habits. That feature will improve over time as you add and remove songs.

There is also a dedicated playlist called “My Thumbs Up” which collects all the songs a user has told Pandora that they like, enabling them to play all those tracks from a single source.

The competition in the streaming music game is stiff, but it seems that Pandora is confident enough in its own user base that launching a premium service looks like the right way to go.

Do you use Pandora already? And do you plan on trying out Pandora Premium now that the invite system is no longer in place?

Source: Pandora

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