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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may go on sale in June


Back in March, Samsung officially announced that it would be putting refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 back on the market. Samsung didn’t have any announcements regarding where the refurbished models would be available at that time, but it did confirm the devices wouldn’t be sold in the United States.

Since then, we’ve seen the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 out in the wild, but other news has been relatively quiet. Now a new report from ET News (by way of SamMobile) suggests Samsung may move forward sometime in June.

According to the publication’s sources, Samsung will brand the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 as the Galaxy Note 7 R and will begin sales sometime in South Korea in June of this year. The phone will reportedly be available from three different carriers in the region. There’s no word on where else the phablet may be offered

Samsung is rumored to be putting in a smaller battery into the Galaxy Note 7 R, measuring in at 3200mAh instead of the 3500mAh the original model was equipped with. The price has also been rumored to be set at 700,000 (about $620), which is about 300,000 won (or $266) cheaper than the cost of the original Galaxy Note 7.

Is a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 something you’d consider buying if you were given the chance?

Via: SamMobile

Source: ET News

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