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Samsung announces Galaxy S8 update to fix red tint and WiFi issues


If you’ve heard of the Samsung Galaxy S8, you’ve probably heard about the minor issues that it’s having. Some people are noticing a red tint on the display of their brand new S8 and S8+, while others are experiencing WiFi connectivity issues.

Samsung has announced that it will be releasing an update to fix both these issues. The company says that neither issue is a hardware fault. The update will feature finer control of screen color temperature.

The WiFi issue is only prevalent in South Korea and thus the fix will only be available there. The bug was caused by a fault in the wireless access point of a carrier in South Korea.

Hopefully Samsung is right and the red tint isn’t a display panel issue. A software fix is always preferable to replacing your shiny new device. Let us know when you see it roll out!

Source: WSJ

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