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Samsung Bixby missing Amazon camera detection feature on Verizon Galaxy S8


Samsung Bixby is already missing features at launch, but it’s even worse for Verizon users. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are both missing the feature that allows you to identify products using the camera and immediately purchase them from Amazon.

Bixby is a big selling point for the Galaxy S8, especially since it has its own dedicated button and Samsung went as far as to disable remapping of the button. The fact that it’s missing Bixby Voice is a big problem that will likely affect adoption rates, but Verizon customers missing a feature for no good reason is even worse.

Verizon claims that it is working with Amazon to bring this feature to the Verizon carrier models of the device, but there is no ETA. You can use the Amazon app for the same features if you really want it.

Source: CNET

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