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Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 may have appeared in leaked images


Last week, Samsung confirmed that it will offer refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in some parts of the globe. The company has yet to confirm exactly where and when that’ll happen, but while we wait for that info to come out, images of the device appear to have leaked.

Photos of what’s said to be the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 have been posted to SamsungVN. Unsurprisingly, the device looks like a Galaxy Note 7, but the phone identifies itself as SM-N935, while the original Note 7 was SM-N930.

Perhaps the most notable tidbit of info included with this leak is about the Note 7’s battery. While the OG Note 7 was packing a 3500mAh battery, this refurbished model will reportedly have a slightly smaller 3200mAh battery.


The battery was the reason that the original Note 7 was recalled twice and then discontinued. The first recall was the result of a design flaw in the battery that could cause electrodes to bend, allowing the positive and negative terminals to come in contact with each other and then start a battery. Samsung could be addressing this with a smaller battery in the refurb model, giving it more room in the Note 7 case so that the electrodes won’t bend and that there won’t be any overheating issues (hopefully).

Would you buy the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 if Samsung sold it in your country?

Via: SamMobile

Source: SamsungVN

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