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AliPay mobile payment system coming to US

AliPay First Data mobile payment

AliPay, the Chinese mobile payment system owned by Alibaba, is coming to the US. It would be hard to imagine a new mobile payment system succeeding, especially one most people here have never heard of, but the company has partnered with First Data to make it a reality.

First Data is a company that operates payment systems in the US, like the Clover, and this partnership will allow AliPay to work at four million merchants in the US. This is a big start for a foreign mobile payment system.

Though adoption by the local population may not be large, this will be a huge help for tourists who already use the service. It will also help AliPay expand into the US market, despite the fierce competition between Android Pay, Samsung, Pay, Apple Pay, and every other company who decides to make a mobile payment system.

Via: Android Police

Source: Bloomberg

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