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Audi and Volvo will build Android into their cars

Android Volvo

It has been quite some time since Google talked about its vision of implementing a full version of Android in vehicles, something much more capable than Android Auto, but now the company is ready to shed some more light on the effort.

Today, Google announced that both Audi and Volvo will be tapped to build Android right into their vehicles. The announcement doesn’t come with a lot of information, probably because Google wants to talk more about it at Google I/O later this week, but the idea is to build upon the idea of Android Auto by¬†integrating all those features without having to use a smartphone to access them.

Google included some concept images of what that might look like, including the one implementation (pictured above) from Volvo. There’s certainly a lot of skinning going on, and it’s likely that, as long as Android is the platform being utilized, auto manufacturers will be allowed to customize the user interface to their liking.

We will probably hear more about this in the coming days, but it will probably be quite a while before we see it out there in the wild.

Source: Google Blog

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