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Deal: LG G6 for $360 at AT&T


Searching for a deep discount on a new flagship smartphone can often be a fruitless task. In the case of the LG G6, however, the result is well worth it. Sprint recently offered a 50% discount on the device, and now AT&T is getting in on the action. Until the end of May, AT&T is offering the LG G6 for $360, or half of the usual retail price.

As always, there are a few requirements. First is that the device be financed through AT&T Next, making it either $12 or $15/month depending on the duration of the agreement. Purchasers must also pay sales tax for the full retail price of the device at the time of the purchase. Finally, those who take part in the deal will pay the full monthly amount, but will be credited each month’s discount in the following month.

Interestingly enough, AT&T is offering the same deal for the LG V20, but its price is actually higher at $415. If you’re really a fan of the V20, then great! But if you’re looking to score a better flagship deal, then you’re better off getting the newer G6, which will likely receive more attention from LG in the way of software updates and support.

For more information, see AT&T’s fine print at the source link.

Via: Android Central

Source: AT&T

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