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First image of Amazon Echo with built-in screen allegedly surfaces

Amazon Echo with Touchscreen leak

The Echo smart speaker has been a hit for Amazon and, as such, it makes sense that the company would keep launching new variants on the idea.

Amazon recently unveiled the Echo Look, which features the same smart speaker and boasts a built-in camera. We also keep hearing that there’s an Echo with a built-in screen on the way. Thanks to the folks over at AFTVnews, we may have our first look at what the Amazon Echo with a built-in screen looks like.

There’s a big display that dominates the front of the device, but there’s still no defining word on whether or not it’s a touchscreen. Almost feels like it has to be, though, right?

Below that display is a prominent speaker. It’s certainly an interesting-looking design, quite the difference from the standard Amazon Echo and the Echo Look, but it’s not completely awful to look at, either.

There’s no obvious Amazon branding to see on the image, so nothing’s guaranteed just yet. But, what do you think of the design? Would you buy it?

Source: AFTVnews

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