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Google Allo will turn your selfies into cartoon stickers

Google Allo selfie stickers

Selfies, stickers, and emoji have become an element of every day communication these days. Now Google has found a way to combine them.

Today Google announced a brand new way to express yourself in Allo, the company’s messaging app: Turning a standard selfie into a cartoon sticker. This isn’t just a simple tool that lets you put some stickers on a cartoon-like representation of yourself, either. No, Google had to go big, throwing in some machine learning and some neural networks to get the job done. The result is an animated version of yourself, based on artwork from artist Lamar Abrams.

Google Allo selfie stickers2

Users can customize their creation a little bit more after the first round of cartooning is finished. The cartoon selfie sticker can be used in Allo chats for a little bit more personality, and Google says that the feature can create up to 563 quadrillion faces.

It’s certainly an interesting implementation, and Google doing the Google thing by going even further to make it come to life certainly makes sense, even if it does feel like some extra steps.

Allo for Android should be getting the update to support these new cartoon selfie stickers, and the iOS version will get the update at some point in the future.

The question is, are you using Allo to even take advantage of this feature? Recently the messaging platform received an update that included backups, an incognito mode for groups, and more, but it’s still missing things like SMS integration.

Via: Fast Co. Design

Source: Research Google Blog

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