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Google has changed the Play Store app icon

New Google Play Store Android app icon

Changing app icons is certainly nothing new for Google and Android, so the new change coming to the Play Store app icon shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As first noted by Android Police, the Play Store app icon is getting a slight tweak. Specifically, the shopping bag is getting the boot. Android users will just see the multi-colored triangle app icon now, with no shopping bag behind it.

Play Store app notifications also look slightly different now. The shopping bag is missing from the notification drop-down, leaving only the triangle behind (the checkmark made the cut, too).

Google Play Store app icon2

It’s a small change, but it simply brings the design to more Android devices after having made its debut on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL late last year.

Have to love that minimalist design, right?

Source: Android Police

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