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Google Maps now shows Street View for those important turns


Google Maps has been making it easier to get from one place to another for years now, but the latest change to the software aims to make things even easier.

Android Police first took note of the changes. The primary new addition gives Navigation a bit more information. Now, when you pull up directions from one place to another, Google Maps will show you the Street View of all the turns you need to make to get there. Tapping that thumbnail image will bring up the bigger version, which is basically still essential, but it could help folks navigate new areas a bit easier.

Google Maps Street View navigation turns

The other change involves the bottom navigation bar, where Google has added information and taken up more screen real estate in the process. Details are a bit more obvious now, with Google Maps explicitly telling users what activating an option will do.

The changes appear to be server-side, so they have been rolling out in some form over the last couple of days.

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Source: Android Police

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