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LeEco becomes first to offer DirecTV Now on smart TVs

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Less than a year ago, LeEco entered the US market with its unique ecosystem approach, which involves offering a variety of products that link together to complement. The company gained momentum in China and hoped to translate that success to the US. The results have been less than promising, however, and the company has recently struggled, both internally with paying employees, and externally, facing regulatory opposition in its failed acquisition of Vizio.

The company is attempting to move forward, and part of that plan involves offering unique content to customers. As such, LeEco has just become the first manufacturer to offer DirecTV Now on smart TVs. The Super4 X65, X55, X43 Pro and uMax85 models will all have access to the DirecTV Now app, allowing customers to stream live TV or on-demand content. Additionally, the company continues to run a promotion offering three months of free DirecTV Now to purchasers of an LeEco TV.

While the update won’t turn the company around on its own, its a step in the right direction, offering customers an extra incentive to try the new brand in town. We’ll keep you posted on the status of LeEco as we monitor its course.

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