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Netflix’s latest update blocks rooted and unlocked devices


Netflix is one of the most popular apps available in the Play Store, but for users that are running unlocked and/or rooted Android devices, Netflix is a bit harder to enjoy.

Android Police has confirmed that Netflix is blocking rooted and/or unlocked devices from accessing the Netflix app through the Play Store. Netflix recently updated to version 5.0, which┬áincludes Google’s Widevine DRM. As a result, Android devices that are not Google-ceritified or have been modified will not be able to use the app, and those users will not be able to find the Netflix app in the Play Store.

As noted in the original report, however, there does seem to be some confusion. Widevine DRM works on three security levels, but it appears that the Netflix app is tied to a device’s SafetyNet status, rather than the Widevine DRM. Moreover, devices that are unlocked or otherwise modified but already have the updated version of the app on their phone seem to still be working just fine.

That could be a timed thing, and the app could stop working before too long, but for now it seems that it’s still a functioning app on devices where, technically speaking, it shouldn’t be.

What do you think of Netflix’s decision?

Source: Android Police

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