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Samsung’s iris scanner can be defeated with a photo and a contact lens

Samsung iris scanner

Any security system can be bypassed with enough effort. Fingerprint sensors aren’t perfectly safe if someone has access to your fingerprint or even a high-res photo of your finger. And now Samsung’s iris scanner has been defeated with a photo and a contact lens. The iris scanner is a big feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8, using infrared to scan your eye. It can be defeated by taking a photo of the eye at a distance in night mode on a point and shoot (night mode shoots in infrared) and putting a wet contact lens on the image. This will instantly unlock the S8. This is a lot of effort to go through to unlock a device and requires that the person have access to a high-res photo of the user’s eye, so this isn’t a big danger for regular people. Iris scanning is secure enough for regular use. But it’s always interesting to see what create ways people use to get by security. If your friends come at you with cameras pointed at your eye, now you know what’s going on.

Via: The Verge

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