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Sprint Magic Box will boost your LTE coverage

Sprint Magic Box

Sometimes you just don’t have all those coverage bars lit up on your phone, despite forking over whatever amount of money you do every month.

As a result, wireless carriers are more than happy to offer you things that can boost your signal, and that’s what we’ve got here with the Sprint Magic Box, a brand new small cell that will boost your LTE coverage whether you’re indoors or outside.

The Magic Box can provide coverage up to 30,000 square feet indoors, and it can extend about 100 meters outdoors. The Magic Box is an all-cellular device, so you don’t need to hook it up to any kind of internet connection to make it work. It does need to be put near a window so it can connect to a nearby Sprint cell site, though.

Sprint personal and business customers can get the Magic Box for free, which is a nice bonus. However, the Now Network does caution that if they don’t get the Magic Box back when you’re finished with it (presumably if you decide to leave the network), they could charge you $140 for it.

Do you need something like the Magic Box?

Via: Sprint Newsroom

Source: Sprint

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