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T-Mobile lays out plans for mobile 5G

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The wireless market shifted dramatically with the rise of LTE, and in the coming years, another shift is expected to occur with the launch of 5G networks. While multiple network providers have issued statements on their plans for 5G, T-Mobile is now jumping into the game, announcing what it says will be “truly nationwide 5G.”

The upstart network provider plans to implement 5G by using its low-band 600 MHz spectrum. These low-bands will be paired with high-bands to essentially create a blend of spectrum that will allow for mobile 5G. By mixing and matching spectrum, T-Mobile aims to provide a mobile 5G network that is far more expansive than the offerings suggested by other carriers, which focus on multiple 5G hotspots within cities that pair together to create a powerful network with limited range.

T-Mobile has support from partners such as Ericsson and Nokia, who have both issued statements offering their support for T-Mobile’s 5G network plans.

With a wide-ranging mobile 5G network, T-Mobile poses a serious threat to the plans of other carriers, who may not be able to compete with the coverage offered by the Magenta network. The deal also brings new variability into persistent whispers of mergers and acquisitions within the wireless industry, particularly in reference to the potential of Sprint and T-Mobile merging together. With T-Mobile laying out plans for a mobile 5G network, it increases the company’s appeal to potential buyers and sellers.

T-Mobile has yet to provide a timeline for its 5G network, but will likely reveal more information in the coming months. For the official statement, see the source link below.

Source: T-Mobile

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