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Android O is Android 8.0 according to Developer Preview 3


Earlier today, Google officially released the third developer preview for Android O, which included the final APIs for developers as well as some bug fixes.

There is also one big piece of information included with the Developer Preview 3 release: the version number for the upcoming Android O release. According to the software, Android O will indeed be Android 8.0.


The Android 8.0 version number is listed in both the “About Phone” section of a device running Developer Preview 3, as well as in the System Update page, where you would go to get yourself some brand new Android software. For those keeping track, the last public release of Android bumped the version up to 7.1.2, so there has been some speculation as to whether Android O would be Android 7.2 or Android 8.0.

Turns out, Android 8.0 is the way to go.

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