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Google introduces VR180, a new 180-degree virtual reality format

Google VR180

YouTube has long supported 360-degree video, but let’s be honest: It’s mostly useless. Having a full 360-degree view is rarely useful for most videos, so Google decided to create a new format called VR180.

This new format is not just a 360-degree video cut in half. It’s much sharper and features stereoscopic 3D, giving it a far more realistic appearance. It also supports livestreaming and works on Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Playstation VR as well as non-VR platforms.

The company is also pushing to make it easy to use for creators. The Daydream team is helping with the development of 180-degree cameras, which will be priced about the same as regular point-and-shoots. There are cameras from companies like Lenovo and LG coming this winter. These videos will also be compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro and more.

With only 180 degrees of view to worry about, VR180 will surely be more useful than 360-degree videos. Hit the source link for more info!

Source: Google Blog

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