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New Google Play Store version adds in-line changelogs for app updates


There is a new version of the Google Play Store rolling out to Android users today, and it brings one oft-requested feature to the fore.

Up to this point, getting the changelog for an app meant actually navigating away from the app’s update page, but that’s finally changing. With Google Play Store version 8.0, Google is including an in-line changelog for all app updates.

Now, Android users will simply need to tap on an arrow that’s next to the app’s name to see the most updated changelog regarding new features or other changes being made to the app.

Of course, this won’t stop some developers from doing the “We’re always improving our app” or something similar, but for those that actually want to provide details the user base won’t have to jump through hoops to see them anymore. It’s a welcomed change.

Do you try to keep tabs on what changes are being rolled out in an app’s update?

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