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Instagram Favorites will let you choose who you share posts with


Instagram today confirmed that it’s testing a brand new feature for its social network.

Called “Favorites”, the newest Instagram feature let you share posts and Stories with a group of people that you choose. When you decide to share a post or Story, you can choose to share it with your Favorites. The people in your Favorites group will see that post with a green “Favorites” badge to identify that only your Favorites can see it.

There’s also a new Favorites tab in your profile that’ll be home to all of your non-disappearing Favorites posts. This way, the people in your Favorites group can see your previous posts, but the tab will appear empty to the people not in your Favorites group.


You can add people to and remove them from your Favorites group whenever you’d like. Other people won’t be notified when they’re added or removed, so the only way they’ll know that they’re in your Favorites is when they see your posts with the green Favorites badge.

With Favorites, you might share more about your experiences on Instagram because you know that what you’re posting will only be seen by a certain group of people. It also eliminates the need for people to create and maintain private Instagram accounts for certain friends.

Instagram is now testing Favorites with a small group of users. The company plans to release it more broadly in the coming months.

Source: The Verge

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