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LG G6+ officially announced with 128GB of storage


When the LG G6 was officially announced earlier this year, there were some interesting decisions made with what features would be available in what variants released around the globe. For folks in the United States for instance, better sound quality via Quad DAC wasn’t available. Now LG has another version of the G6, called the LG G6+.

The new G6+ makes a few tweaks to improve the user experience over the standard G6, including more built-in storage and premium headphones. Specifically, the G6+ features 128GB of storage, which is a significant increase over the 32GB model in the United States, and even the 64GB option available in South Korea. LG is also throwing in a pair of B&O Play premium earphones that take advantage of the included 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC for better sound profiles.

The LG G6+ will also be available in two new colors: Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold. LG is putting a lenticular film on the back of the G6+ which will give it that “optical effect.” LG is bringing these two new colors to the standard G6 model as well.

LG is improving the software on the G6, too, giving it the ability to unlock your device with facial recognition, which LG says will take less than a second to complete. There is also a new low power consumption mode, which should help save some battery life, and an alert to let you know if you’re covering up the lens of your camera with a finger.

It’s not clear where the LG G6+ will launch, but LG does say that the new G6 software features will begin rolling out in an update next month.

Source: LG Newsroom

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