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OnePlus says jelly-like scrolling in OnePlus 5 isn’t a defect


The OnePlus 5 launched recently, and now that it’s arriving in people’s hands, some are starting to take note of a particular aspect of the OP5 that they aren’t a fan of.

As reported by The Verge, OnePlus has heard the complaints regarding “jelly-like” scrolling discovered on some OnePlus 5 units. According to the company it has received a “small number” of reports regarding that particular element of the handset. Unfortunately for those who might not like the scrolling effect and who might have assumed it’s a defect, that is apparently not the case.

OnePlus says that the jelly-like scrolling “is natural and there’s no variance in screens between devices.” The company also added that the components it uses in the OnePlus 5 are of the same quality that are found in other devices.

The scrolling effect appears to be sticking around, whether the OnePlus 5 owner likes it or not. Did you pick up a OnePlus 5, and if so, have you noticed the jelly-like scrolling? What do you think of it?

Source: The Verge

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