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Pixel Launcher gains teardrop app icon shape on Android O Developer Preview 3


Yesterday’s Android O Developer Preview 3 update brought some goodies with it, like final APIs and confirmation that Android O is Android 8.0, and now another new bit of info has been discovered.

With Android O Developer Preview 3, devices running the Pixel Launcher are gaining a new teardrop app icon shape. The teardrop looks like a circle but with one rounded square corner. You can see the teardrop app icon being used on some of the apps in the screenshot below.


According to the folks at Android Police, the teardrop app icon is working with most devices on Android O Developer Preview 3 and the Pixel Launcher. I got it to work on my Nexus 6P with Android O Dev Preview 3 with the latest version of the Pixel Launcher. If you’ve got Android O Dev Preview 3 and the Pixel Launcher, press and hold on your home screen and select “Settings” followed by “Change icon shape” to see the teardrop for yourself.

Having more options is always a good thing, so this teardrop app icon addition is welcome. It may not appeal to everyone, but hey, that’s what the other icon shapes are for.

What do you think of the teardrop app icon shape?

Source: Android Police

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