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Project Fi Group Repay offers easy way to split the bill and pay the plan owner


Splitting any bills with friends isn’t always easy. You always have to calculate how much each person owes, sometimes accounting for usage, and then pay the plan owner the exact amount. Project Fi is now making it much easier.

Group Repay allows you to automatically split the bill in multiple different ways (depending on usage, a fixed split, etc.) and can send reminders to everyone when the bill is due. Google Wallet integration allows plan members to immediately pay the plan owner, and the owner can then deposit the money directly into his bank.

There is also a management system to track payment history. It shows the amounts various people paid or owe as well as the full bill amount.

If you’re on Project Fi, you can check this feature out soon! It starts rolling out today and will be available to all by the end of the week. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Google Blog

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