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Qualcomm announces new fingerprint sensors that work under glass


Today Qualcomm officially announced three brand new fingerprint sensors that work with the more demanding smartphone design of today’s market, as devices go for bezel-less designs.

All three new fingerprint sensors will work on waterproof-designed handsets, with each of the new sensors also detecting heartbeats and blood flow, which will make on-screen gestures much easier. Each of the new fingerprint sensors are designed for specific use cases, so Qualcomm designated them into three different areas.

The Display sensor will work through OLED displays up to 1200μm thick, and it supports ultrasonic wake-and-authenticate. Meanwhile, the Glass fingerprint sensor works through displays and/or glass surfaces up to 800μm thick. It also supports capacitive wake-and-authenticate.

Finally, the Metal & Glass sensor offers support for ultrasonic wake-up (but not authentication) through glass up to 800μm thick. The last sensor does not support authenticating a user’s fingerprint, but it can still support fingerprint gestures for swiping as well as waking up the device’s display.

Qualcomm noted in its announcement that each of these new fingerprint sensors were designed for the 630 and 660 processors in mind, but that they will also work with the 800, other 600, and 400 series processors as well. The company says that they will be optioned beginning in July of this year, and that the first devices will launch sometime in the first half of 2018.

Source: Qualcomm

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