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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be unveiled in late August


Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 in early August, but if rumors are any indicator, the company may be changing the timing up for the Galaxy Note 8.

According to separate reports, Samsung plans on introducing the Galaxy Note 8 at the tail-end of August. Reuters reports information provided by an unnamed source which says the next Note will be announced before the end of August and will feature a curved display that is slightly larger than the 6.2-inch panel on the Galaxy S8+. It will reportedly feature a pair of cameras on the back, too.

Meanwhile, Naver reports that Samsung is planning on unveiling the Galaxy Note 8 on August 26. That would line up with the other launch report, so it looks like we should expect to see the big phone in just a couple of months.

It’s worth noting that the second report does also indicate that Samsung wasn’t able to integrate its fingerprint reader into the display, just like it wasn’t able to do with the Galaxy S8. So we will likely see a fingerprint reader on the back of the Note 8.

Are you looking forward to checking out the Galaxy Note 8 later this year?

Sources: Reuters, Naver

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