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Samsung Galaxy S8 showing users ads for games

Samsung Galaxy S8 game ads

When you pay big money for a premium product, you don’t expect to get advertisements. You don’t expect the company that created the device and charged a premium for it to try to make more money off of you with intrusive advertisements. Unfortunately, this seems to be Samsung’s game.

The latest Samsung product to start showing ads is the Galaxy S8. Users are reporting that they’re getting ads for the game Lode Runner. This is a result of Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service. An optimizing service displaying ads doesn’t seem so optimal.

To disable it, you’ll need to enable the service in Settings > Advanced Features > Games if it’s not enabled already. Then enter the app, hit the three dot menu, and disable the marketing information box. Hopefully this will disable the ads, though some say they still receive ads after this. And Samsung, this is no way to treat your customers.

Source: Phandroid

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