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Amazon Alexa coming to main Amazon app for Android this week


Amazon Alexa is a great virtual assistant, but she isn’t available on most every Android device like Google Assistant is. The Huawei Mate 9 and HTC U11 are the only two phones to have native support for Alexa at the moment.

To give Android users a better taste of Alexa, Amazon is updating its Android app with Alexa functionality. You’ll be able to use Alexa through the shopping app, doing much of what Alexa can do through an Echo. While it’s strange to be using a virtual assistant in a shopping app, it’s a great way for the masses to try Alexa out and buy Echo devices if they like it.

The update should be rolling out this week, bringing the functionality up to par with the iOS Amazon app.  You’ll be able to get weather, control your smart home to a limited extent, play music, and control your Amazon account as well as buy stuff. Every user won’t get the features at the same time as this will likely be a slow rollout, but keep checking the app for the new features!

Source: TechCrunch

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