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Google launches Motion Stills for Android

Google Motion Stills

Motion Stills was a previously iOS-exclusive app that allowed you to capture Live Photos which the app then stabilized and created loops out of. You could then share them as GIFs. It’s no secret that Google’s internal app teams love iOS, but now Android is finally getting some of that love.

The Motion Stills app has been redesigned for Android, further improving it. Each frame of the video is processed as it is being shot, allowing for a stabilized video to be viewable immediately after being shot with no loading times. You can also fast forward your videos up to 8x, turning up to a full minute of video into a short clip.

If you’re interested in giving the app a shot, hit the source link. It’s available for Android devices running 5.1 and later. You’ll also be helping Google, as the feedback from the app furthers their foray into video technology. Let us know what you think!

Via: Google Research Blog

Source: Google Play: Motion Stills

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