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Action Launcher gets big update with Google Now, Android O features, and more


Fans of Action Launcher, you may want to visit the Play Store, because there’s a pretty significant update that’s now rolling out.

Action Launcher v26 is now rolling out, says developer Chris Lacy. The update is a biggie, adding Google Now integration, Android O features, and more.

First up, you can now enable Google Now with Action Launcher on devices running Lollipop or later. You’ll just need to install the Action Launcher Google Plugin and you’ll then be able to access Google Now just like you would on Google’s own launcher. Just swipe to the right on your home screen and Google Now will appear.

Also included with Action Launcher v26 are some Android O goodies, like the Android O-style widget picker and App Shortcuts panel. There’s also full Notification Dots support, Unread Counts for all apps that have a current notifications, and a dedicated “Icons & App Shortcuts” settings page where you can easily access your icon-related settings.

Here’s the full changelog for Action Launcher v26:

  • NEW: Google Now integration for all! Requires installation of the Action Launcher Google Plugin application.
  • NEW: Full Notification Dots support!
  • NEW: Long-pressing an shortcut will display a preview of app’s notifications and allow notifications to be dismissed ala Android O. Available when using either Notification Dots or Unread Count.
  • NEW: Unread Count support extended to all apps that have a current notification.
  • NEW: Android O style App Shortcuts panel.
  • NEW: Allow granular control as to which apps display Notification Dots/Unread Count.
  • NEW: Android O style widget picker, which displays all relevant widgets for a given shortcut.
  • NEW: Directly engage Action Launcher’s Quickedit panel via a shortcut’s long-press popup UI.
  • NEW: Dedicated “Icons & App Shortcuts” settings page, which is home to all icon related settings.
  • NEW: When Google Pill widget is on the left screen edge and Google Now integration is enabled, display a tinted edge background as per Pixel Launcher.
  • NEW: Option to adjust the scale of icon indicators.
  • NEW: Revamped interface for selecting the apps that are hidden from app drawers.

So yeah, this is a pretty huge update. Not only is it great to see Android O features, giving you features of the next major Android release right now, but the integration of Google Now is a biggie. The feed in Google Now is useful for quickly getting info on things you’re interested in, and while Google isn’t making Google Now officially available in non-Google launchers, devs like Lacy have found a way to make it happen.

You can find Action Launcher in the Play Store right here. If you haven’t used Action Launcher in a while or if you’ve never tried it before, now may be the time to give it a look.

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