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Amazon working on messaging app called Anytime

Amazon Anytime

Amazon may be looking to dive into messaging. The Seattle-based company has reportedly been surveying customers about a new messaging service called Anytime. According to leaked images, Anytime appears to be cross-platform, working on both iPhone and Android, as well as through the web. The promo materials state that friends can be reached by just using their name, a feature that may imply connections to existing social networks for contacts.

Amazon Anytime (2)

Anytime is packed full of features for group chats including group voice and video calls, group games, customizable chats, music sharing, mobile food ordering, and much more. These are big claims for Amazon to make and require partnerships with plenty of other services to bring all the features to life. A range of established messaging apps dominate the market and even newcomers from major players, like Google Allo, have struggled to break in. But if Amazon can introduce the advertised features at launch, it may have a real shot at competing in a tough market.

There’s no official indication of the status of the project, but one user reported that the survey implied that a finished product is already in existence. We’ll keep you posted on further updates.

Source: AFTVnews

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