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Blu once again implicated in sending data to China

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Last year it was found that a few Blu devices were sending your private data to Chinese servers. The spyware software was from Shanghai Adups Technology, which was receiving all the data being sent away. The company called it a mistake and quickly fixed these exploits.

However, other devices are still sending personal data like cellular location, browsing history, call logs, IMEI, and more to the company. The “command and control” channel being used can also take screenshots, install apps, and even wipe the device without user permission.

Blu devices like the Grand M were found with this behavior, but it isn’t limited to one company. The Cubot X16S was found to be doing similar things, and many devices with a MediaTek chipset have the exploit that allows for this. Though MediaTek claims that the issue was fixed, there are still vulnerable devices on the market

It says a lot about a company that, when faced with controversy, fixed the issue on a few devices and continued stealing data in a more sneaky fashion on other undiscovered devices. If you’re using a budget device under $300 with a MediaTek chipset, you may be getting your data stolen. Hit the source link for more info on the discovery.

Source: CNET

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