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Google Glass is back with the new Enterprise Edition

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Google Glass Explorer Edition was a wearable that functioned as a smart heads-up display and a camera, and a few years ago it was raking in the attention for a variety of reasons. But one question back then was always looming: Would it last?

We know the answer to that now, because the Explorer Edition eventually faded out. But the wearable is back, and has actually been back for a little bit of time now, helping workers across many different industries in their daily routines. The device is now known as Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

The new Glass has seen some improvements, including a better battery, a faster processor, better Wi-Fi, and an 8-megapixel camera (up from a 5-megapixel camera in the Explorer Edition). There’s also a red light that will pop on when the device is recording, letting everyone around know that video is being captured. The Glass Pod is included, too, enabling Glass to be attached to any pair of glasses, including safety and prescription offerings.

Alphabet has confirmed that GE was one of the first companies to start taking advantage of Glass Enterprise Edition, but now there are more than 50 companies that are using the wearable in some capacity or another. GE’s mechanics, using Glass Enterprise Edition and software created by a company called Upskill, have boosted performance efficiency up to 12%.

Glass Enterprise Edition makes it easier for workers to get things done because they don’t have to worry about interrupting their work for some tasks. Mechanics at GE, for instance, don’t need to stop their work to go look at a manual for a specific process because Google Glass can show it on the heads-up display in their line of sight. And doctors say that Glass Enterprise Edition cuts down on the documentation side of their job, making it possible for them to focus more on patients and care.

The big news today is that Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is removing the non-disclosure requirement for Glass Enterprise Edition and opening the doors for more businesses to participate in the program. There are more than 50 businesses that are already using the new Glass, and that number should increase from this point on.

Did you ever try out the original Google Glass Explorer Edition?

Via: Wired

Source: Google X Blog

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