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Google Maps now shows a time graph when planning a route


Not too long ago, Google rolled out a graph that shows just how busy a business is during any hour of the day. It’s a handy way to know at a glance if you can squeeze in a visit to the local retail shop, depending on how busy they typically are at that time of day.

That same idea has now been applied to travel time, as Google Maps is rolling out a time graph to show how busy a particular route might be throughout the day. As reported by Android Police, the new feature appears to have rolled out rather quietly to all users and appears to be live for many.

The time graph will give a quick and easy look at how heavy traffic might be on that particular route at specific hours of the day. The new graph will show up at the top of the directions when you pick your route, and it looks identical to the graph that Google uses to show how busy a business is.

Google Maps traffic graph

The bar itself will show at least a half an hour of time before the travel period and a few hours after the planned travel time, too, just in case there’s a change of plans due to high traffic concerns. There’s a dotted line above the graph as well, indicating the time.

This new chart should make it easier to determine if traffic will be a hassle or not and help with deciding on a departure time. Depending on what the graph shows, getting out of the house or work as quickly as possible or just waiting a bit longer may be worth it.

What do you think of the new feature?

Source: Android Police

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