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An error is causing ads to show up on the HTC keyboard app


The HTC 10 is still going strong, but a recent error in the keyboard appears to be showing advertisements.

Over the weekend, Reddit user Azirack discovered that the stock keyboard on their HTC 10 was suddenly showing advertisements. The TouchPal keyboard is apparently showing banner ads at the very top of the keyboard, including what’s preinstalled on the 10. The free version of TouchPal on other devices does show ads, but, that was not the intent of HTC.

HTC 10 keyboard ads

The company confirmed on Twitter that an unnamed error is causing some HTC 10 owners to see ads on their keyboard. They also said that they are working on a fix and are aiming to resolve the issue as quickly as they can, but they didn’t confirm a timeframe.

Getting random ads distributed via the keyboard, one of the most crucial elements of using a smartphone, would certainly be very annoying. It’s good to hear that HTC is working on a fix, though.

Any HTC 10 owners experiencing this?

Sources: Reddit, @HTC_UK

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