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HTC sees more than 50 percent boost in revenue since last month


HTC hasn’t had a real hit on its hands for quite a while. Previous flagships have been less than popular, iterative devices with no interesting features to captivate customers, and the company has not done well because of that. However, the newly released HTC U11 might be changing that.

HTC’s revenue in June 2017 saw a 52.1% jump over last month, with almost NT$6.9 billion in revenue reported. This is also an 8.38% increase over the same month last year, while May 2017′s revenue was almost 33% less than 2016.

Unfortunately, HTC’s quarterly revenue is still down 9% over last year. The U11 launched very late into the quarter and couldn’t help enough to offset the major losses earlier this year. This does spell good news for the company, though. It finally released a device that’s interesting, unique, and very well liked. If it can continue this, we might see HTC become a bigger player in the smartphone game soon. More competition is always good.

Source: HTC Investors

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