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HTC U11 adds Amazon Alexa support


If you own an HTC U11 and prefer Amazon‘s Alexa to Google Assistant, the day of days is here.

The HTC U11 officially supports Amazon Alexa, and not simply in text form. The digital personal assistant fully supports voice input, so U11 owners just need to say “Alexa” to get the assistant to pop up. Once it does, you’ll get an on-screen panel showing that it’s listening, and Alexa will reply to your queries.

Users can ask Alexa what the weather is, quickly access Amazon Music or Audible, and even control the smart devices in your living space. Alexa supports more than 15,000 Skills, which can be downloaded from the Alexa Skills Store.

A couple of noteworthy bits: Since U11 owners have a phone they can squeeze, they can use that feature to activate Alexa, too. HTC does note that the phone needs to be unlocked to access Alexa.

This makes the first smartphone with always-ready, and hands-free access to Alexa. Any U11 owners out there going to start using Alexa?

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