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HTC aiming to update U11 to support Bluetooth 5.0


The HTC U11 is one of the best flagships from this year, and it looks like HTC is aiming to bring another feature to the its device.

HTC has submitted necessary documents to the Federal Communications Commission in the United States to say that they plan on updating the U11 to support Bluetooth 5.0. According to HTC, the intent is to “enable bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change.”

Bluetooth 5.0 will improve transfer speeds on the U11, offer better connectivity range, and much more. One of the best features tied to Bluetooth 5.0 is the ability to send audio from the source to two sets of Bluetooth devices, including headphones and speakers, at the same time.

Unfortunately, while HTC is going through the process of updating the U11 to support Bluetooth 5.0, there’s no word on when the update will officially land on the handset. We hope it’s soon.

Do you own a U11? Looking forward to this update?

Via: AUSdroid

Source: FCC

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