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Huawei hyping the upcoming Mate 10 against iPhone, dropping very low-end devices

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Huawei should release the upcoming Mate 10 around the time of the release of the next iPhone, but chief of Huawei’s consumer division Richard Yu is taking the time to talk up the device as being better than what Apple has in store.

“We will have an even more powerful product. The Mate 10, which has much longer battery life with a full-screen display, quicker changing speed, better photographing capability and many other features that will help us compete with Apple.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Huawei has in store for its next flagship, but what it doesn’t have in store are more devices on the very low-end. With profit margins being exceedingly low, the company doesn’t see them as worth the time. Huawei is also focusing more on developed markets.

It’s great to see another competitor emerge in the North American market, albiet slowly. With the company growing and shooting for 140 to 150 million shipments this year, we’ll see more cool stuff being announced.

Source: Bloomberg

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