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Future Nokia phones will get Zeiss optics


Nokia isn’t a stranger to Zeiss, as the two companies have a long history together dating back a decade, but that relationship is getting revitalized in today’s age.

HMD Global, the company licenses the Nokia brand for smartphones, today announced that it has rekindled the relationship with Zeiss and confirmed that future Nokia smartphones would boast Zeiss optics inside. Unfortunately, while HMD was more than happy to confirm the partnership, the company wasn’t so keen on outlining when those new devices will arrive.

HMD has launched three different Nokia-branded smartphones, all of which are mid-range handsets, but the company has made it clear that it plans on launching a premium device at some point in the future. It isn’t clear if that smartphone will have Zeiss optics in it or not, but with this announcement today it at least seems possible.

The inclusion of Zeiss optics will be an interesting one, as it could mean that whatever Nokia devices feature the technology may have standout cameras. Of course, camera technology has come a long way since the original PureView cameras from Nokia, so just having Zeiss optics can only be a part of the puzzle to stand out in a busy, competitive market.

How do you feel about this announcement? Good news, or too early to tell?

Source: HMD Global

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