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Samsung Bixby in English delayed due to lack of big data


A lot of data is required for deep learning technology. This is easier for companies like Google because, well, they control much of our data. Google Assistant is so functional and flexible thanks to the huge amount of data Google can feed it.

Samsung is having trouble gathering this “big data” for the English version of Bixby, its new virtual assistant.  Bixby is already available in Korean and was promised in English in May, and though it has been released in beta form, it has not yet launched to the public. Without access to large amounts of big data in English, the development of Bixby has been delayed. Not to mention that there have been mixed responses about the English beta version so far.

Another issue appears to be communication between Samsung Research America and the headquarters in Korea. An insider said, “Many engineers in the US are making full efforts to develop the English version. But, (due to geographical and language barriers) their frequent reports to and communication with the management located in Korea makes the progress much slower than developing the Korean version here.”

Hopefully Samsung manages to launch Bixby in English this year, though we don’t know how it will compete with the big boys like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. How many of you will be adopting Bixby when it fully launches? Leave a comment!

Source: Korea Herald

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