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Samsung Pay adds PayPal as a valid means of payment


Samsung Pay wants to be a one-stop shop for all payment options, and for those who use PayPal on a regular basis, that base is now covered.

Today Samsung officially announced a new partnership with PayPal, adding yet another payment option to Samsung Pay. It’s only available in the United States to start, but Samsung is working on adding it to the other 18 markets where Samsung Pay is available.

For those in the U.S., PayPal Wallet can be added to Samsung Pay like a typical payment option. Once that’s done, it’ll work anywhere Samsung Pay is supported. What’s more, PayPal Braintree support also means that online merchants will also support the payment option.

The fact that Samsung Pay works at more terminals, including ones that don’t even support NFC, makes it one of the better options out there. Adding support for PayPal seems like a big win for users.

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Source: Samsung

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