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Snapchat now allows taking six consecutive 10 second clips


Snapchat‘s 10-second video limit is annoying when it comes to sharing content. There is something to be said for limitations inspiring creativity, but more often than not, that 10-second limit gets in the way of sharing life events.

A new addition is now rolling out to iOS users that allows you to record six 10-second clips in a row, and though they will still be separate clips, they will be consecutive and play in chronological order. While not ideal, this is a nice addition to the app.

Another addition is the Tint Brush, which allows you to change the color of a selected part of your snap. You make a rough outline and the app automatically changes the color of the item you selected.

iOS users are seeing the changes now, and Android users will start seeing them soon. With the state of the Snapchat app for Android, it’s no surprise that we’re getting the short end of the stick.

Via: TechCrunch

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